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30 Day Challenge Summary


This felt like an appropriate first blog for this website. As some of you know, I challenged myself to 8 goals in July. The more goals I did, the better the reward at the end of the month. My goals:

Calorie Limit

No Meat or Dairy


Reduce Spending

2 Hours of SC2

Upload YT Video

Create Website

Start Blogging

I kept track of these goals on a google spreadsheet, available to the public. I wanted a little bit of social pressure to help me along, but didn't want to open myself to the inevitable scrutiny of backseat-goalers. "Why is your calorie limit X, it should be Y" or "You're spending X amount? That's stupid". So I kept them vague, while trying to keep myself accountable on the details.

I wrote a 15 day update you can see here - .

And now, for the final summary of the challenge.

Overall, it was a very good thing to do. As expected, the calorie target was the most difficult, and playing/studying SC2 was hard on my off-days. The not-quite biggest surprise was the website, which I clearly finally got done but only because I gave up on my initial plan. I was using WordPress, in the hopes I would learn a bit about it and take advantage of its flexibility.


Bad idea. Suuuuuper frustrating. So, as again, you can see, I swapped to Wix. I used this website a long time ago for my art portfolio (no, you can't see it) but it's really improved since then...and it basically did everything I want in terms of ease-of-use. Drag and drop is literally a thing here. So much easier. So, at least the website is done, even if it's late...and the blog has started! Can I count it? Yes, because this challenge still pushed me to make it. Without it, I'd still be at step 0.

Every other part of the challenge went really well. I exercised almost everyday, and it mostly consisted of walking, which got me dat daily Vitamin D. I also invested into my future by paying for a personal trainer, which I should have done a long time ago. Not because I want to lose weight (that's more of the calorie deficit), but because of my sciatica. A personal trainer is cheaper than physical therapists ('Murica) and the one I chose was very knowledgeable about my issues, so not only did he pick exercises that would help 'fix' the issue, they were also safe for me to do. And the proof is here. I've upped my daily walking allowance to ~30+ minutes without pain/numbness in my leg, up from a sad 10 minutes only a month ago. I feel more confident in myself since not only am I working out more, but I'm connected to the identity I shed over a year ago. I used to be able to get out of any 'funk' by committing myself to exercise...but do you know how frustrating it is to not be able to walk? How everyone gives their advice, you do the advice (go to physical therapy! take steroids! do yoga!), and you see no benefit? I could fill another blog with the frustrations of what is, at its core, a handicap. Maybe another day.

Eating almost-vegan was easy. When I commit to it, it's not so difficult. My father is vegan, my mother makes great vegan dishes, and I was a vegetarian for ~7 years. I highly suggest in reducing your dairy and meat intake if possible. You can do research on your own to see the health and environmental benefits, if you'd like.

Reducing how much 'extra' money I spent per week went very well. It gave me a good idea of what life is going to be like when I'm permanently on my own, as I plan moving from home in the next few months.

Here's where I have to mention the hard stuff...the last week or so of my challenge was not pretty. Geoff's passing hit everyone hard, and I was no exception. I don't want to get into it, maybe in the future I'll finally sit down and write my thoughts down on it all...but hopefully you all can understand that I took temporary solace in food and drink. I didn't like it, especially since he was a huge supporter of my struggle with physical and mental health and was interested in my challenge, but it happened. That's all I'll say for now.

Back to the positive things. Currently, I'm living in Korea for a month while I attend GSL vs. The World and visit Japan with three of my closest friends. I'm back on the wagon for diet and exercise, and I'm recommitting myself to being the best commentator I can be for my next event. I want to thank everyone who supported me in this challenge, and who did their own version as well. A lot of love has spread through the community in the last few weeks, and I hope it continues. I may do this challenge again in the future, but for now I'm just living day-by-day.

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